A note on DIVERSITY | Sonny Boy is a story that reminds us no single group has ownership of the human condition. The power of stories has always lied in its ability to unite people of all backgrounds. From the ancient Greeks whose words were believed to hold up the pillars of the universe, to tribes in Africa who passed down traditions huddled around a campfire, the cross-cultural themes make it clear that all storytellers matter.

A note on OAKLAND |Sonny Boy takes place in Oakland, California. As a character in the film Sonny Boy, Oakland mirrors many of the struggles faced by the lead protagonist. Both are often misunderstood, underestimated, and always on the verge of reaching great potential. Like Sonny, Oakland emanates a sense of determination and singularity that comes from being different.

SYNOPSIS | An uninspired writing career and an ailing father, forces a failed playwright to leave New York for his hometown of Oakland, California.  While at home, he confronts the sobering reality the first half of his life hasn’t gone as he’d hoped, and the second looks uncertain. He struggles to get his footing in a city that has changed, before landing a job as a teacher.  Things start to look up until an unforgivable mistake at school, and any chance of reconciliation with his father becomes more difficult as his condition worsens.

Sonny Boy will be shot in Oakland, California in the Summer of 2019.

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